What is Lime?

On one hand, we are not a small, high-end consultancy without systems or structure, that relies purely on personality but is impossible to replicate. On the other, we are not, and have no intention to be a huge corporate brand… What are we and what are aspiring to be…?

Using the industry we love as an analogy, we are a small collection of boutique offices, with a strong brand and systems running throughout but allowing room for individuality and personality to avoid us becoming faceless.

Our Values

When we founded Lime, we had great intentions. The below are the values that we held close to us from day one and therefore the ones we abide by today. These values represent the personal values of our directors. All employees share similar core values as it forms a key part of our recruitment process: we use these 5 pillars on which to base all decisions & actions and to drive the way we grow our business… 

We give a damn!
Our clients, our staff, our industry, each other and what we do: hobbies, friends, family, politics, everything we do… This ensures we put our all into everything we do.
We energise
We add to the room! We throw ourselves into every situation. We don’t look at others for inspiration or motivation, instead, we look at how we can motivate & inspire those around us. We approach every day and each task in a positive manner.
We operate with integrity
We don’t supply our industry, we are our industry – our clients and staff can rely upon us: we do what is right not what is easy. We are open, honest and supportive.
We work hard
We squeeze as much as we can in our day to ensure clients & candidates are looked after, the business receives the best of us and we’re doing ourselves & our colleagues justice.
We're a team
We rely on each other and in turn they rely on us. We celebrate each other’s success and support our colleagues when required. We have each other’s backs.